Sunday, July 13, 2014

Mexico #1

ok. Where do I even start

first of all i am writing on a mexican keyboard so i dont know how to do punctuation. no im not stupid i just dont have time to figure it out haha

anyways. This week was the hardest, most frustrating, most miserable, most facinating week in my entire life.

no joke.

For starters I am in La Paz Mexico, in the Machille branch.

It is ghetto. and so so poor. the streets are covered in filth. drunk men lay everywhere and there are about as many dogs as people roaming around.

There is little work here as most of the men sit on the side walk and stare off into space. 

my house is even more ghetto if you can imagine haha. our neighbors strung bird cages all around it so we have a million birds, and there are rabbits and cats and dogs that roam around. Its kinda funny' the dogs on the street are actually really nice! But its the dogs on the roof that you have to watch out for., Not even kidding, there are dogs on roofs. At night I fall asleep to (not reindeer) but dogs running and jumping around on our roof.

Its pretty interesting. Thank goodness for earplugs

We walk everywhere. you should see the blisters on my feet! Haha the other day a blister poped open and some really gross water got in it and so I poured hand sanitizer on it. Yeah not a good idea. But hey, its healing up nicely now

We buy all of our water in big tubs. Yesterday was fast Sunday and we forgot to buy a tub of water the day before so I went without any water all of yesterday. I thought I was going to die.

The food here is ok...... the people make this thick brown soup and everytime I have to eat it I seriously am afraid that it is going to come back up. So far I havent been sick! I dont know if its the digestive pills mom gave me or if its by teh grace and mercy of god but i havent been sick

Its dangerous here. Im having a hard time seeing why god would send a white girl here. everytime something sketchy happens we have to call our district leader.

I am not going to give you any details but lets just say that our district leader already hates me. we have had to call him so many times.

Im tired of feeling scared all the time. Im tired of being stared at. Im tired of feeling like a burden to my companion. She worries so much about my safety.

I havent had a shower in 3 days because we havent had running water for a while. the last shower i had was out of a bucket. 

i cant speak a lick of spanish nor understand it. It is so frustrating.

The members here are great and are so  nice to me. Dont worry im in good hands. 

I love the kids here. they are way cuter than american kids.

i know i just dissed my future children. sorry not sorry.

whenever we pass kids they run up to us and kiss us on our cheecks. they are so so cute.

We got bed bugs the other day in our house. Right now our house is being fumegated and we had to bag up all of our clothes and hand wash them all. Im exhausted. And i have bed bug bites all over my legs and face. They pop open a few minutes after you get them and ooze everywhere. Its digusting. 

anyways sorry this letter is so short. we have no time because of a little sketchy situation that happened a few minutes ago and it took up all of our writing time.

hopefully you will hear more from me later. 

Seriously this is so hard and I am so homesick. The only reason I have not demanded to go home is i know that it can only get better from here. It seriously cant get any worse.

I keep telling myself to forget myself and get lost in the work. But i cant work because I cannot communicate to these people. Its terrible.

I can handle bed bugs and not showering and dirt roads, but its hard being totally alone. Oh and im sick of talking to myself all the time.

Mission President and his wife

My one light bulb in my room!

ferocious dog on the roof

A really nice girl gave me her coat because it was raining really hard.

Dog looks like a mop

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