Sunday, May 4, 2014

Unofficial first Mexico letter!

Ok so I'm in MEXICO now! After mechanical issues with the plane, and many delays we arrived in Puebla around midnight last night. I was soooo exhausted but our mission presidents are SO AWESOME and they let us all sleep in a little bit. Anyways first impressions of Meixco:

Its hot and humid like Hawaii. I slept with no blankets last night and ALL the windows open
It smells like smoke all the time because of the active volcano
You cannot flush toilet paper down the toilets. theres a bin next to the toilet where you put the paper
you have to light the burner for hot water every morning
I get my comp tonight
I don't understand any spanish
theres dirt roads
this is a 3rd world country to the max
We live in cement houses that look like garages
theres 215 missionaries in Puebla. There are only 15 AMERICAN GIRLS INCLUDING US
I'm slightly terrified but I am stoked out of my mind to be here

Anyways more to come next week. Sure do love you all!

Mom- I've started taking all of my digestive pills so I should hopefully be good

PRAY FOR ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SO I DON'T DIE! HAHA

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