Sunday, July 13, 2014

Mexico #3

Ok. My last email last week was all funny and happy......but this week was down right hard. and humiliating. and terrible. With some awesome and funny moments mixed in of course. 

First of all, this language is killing me. Killing me. And i know I sound like such a baby when I say that because its only Spanish, but I am sick of not understanding anything. And Im sick of not being able to say anything back. 
This week we had a big zone conference and so all of the new missionaries were put in a big room. It was awesome because I got to see my American sisters again and we all got to speak English. Its funny, I almost forget that I have a personality when I speak English. Im actually not really a lifeless blob. Who knew? And it was sooooo good because neither of them can understand anything or speak anything either so Im not completely stupid either...
Anyways all of the Americans had to leave to get fingerprinted except for me (why is it always me) and so I was the only American among a ton of latinos. And wanna know what happened??? Role playing. And the terrible American Elder that led the activity called on me every time.
Every time.
 And I could not understand what he was saying. And all of those stupid latino girls were laughing and laughing.
Seriously I was ready to punch each of them in their mouths.
So that was exciting. And awful. 

Other than the whole Spanish thing, life is ok. Its been raining allot here and so there have been so many times where because of the wind my comp and I have gotten completely drenched to the point where we are wringing out our clothes before going in for teaching appoitments. Then we sit and shiver during the lesson and because everyone had tin roofs you cant hear a thing. So Im even more useless than normal. Haha its been great. 
Oh well heres a funny story for you. So were walking along and suddenly I feel this huge rock hit my head! And Im all like, oh no, somebody DID NOT just throw a rock at my head.
But turns out nobody threw anything. And it wasnt a rock. It was a freaking huge hail ball. Seriously a little smaller than a golf ball. And then all of the sudden it starts hailing these huge hail chuncks! And all I can think is, these are going to break through my umbrella. 
I soon learned that thats why every car here has cracks in their windows. I thought people just threw rocks at them. Nope. Guess not. 
HAHA ok this is my favorite moment this week. So Mexicans are very honest people. And when we went to a eating appoitment the woman looked at my comp and said, you have pimples! I have a rememdy to clear those right up! And so she starts making this bubbly, acid to put on my comps face. Well if you can imagine, the acid cleared the acne right up!
It also burned off her skin.
The poor thing. She now has scabs. We were laughing the entire way home it was hillarious and all I could think was, of all the days for me not to have one skin blemish, today WAS THE PERFECT DAY not to have anything on my face. Little blessings, i tell ya. 

Teaching my comp English is going....great! She learned the words, pimples, Im going to pee my pants, and puke.........  She tries to use all 3 of those phrases everyday....

I should probably teach her some more useful words incase the president asks her what she has learned from me. Words like virtue, or family home evening or something like that haha

Anyways, we had a baptism on saturday! Little Mario was baptized in a freezing cold font but it was perfect and his mom balled the whole time. Gahh I love them to death. We also had 3 investigators show up so that was pretty cool.

Ok now for the hard stuff. We learned that one of our 10 year old investigators gets sexually abused every night by his uncle. Not knowing what to do next we told our president which got him worried because in the united states if a minister knows about abuse they are under obligation to tell authorities. So.... Mexico is like that also and so now we are involved in this whole legal issue of abuse. Its horrible.

And the icing on the cake, 

I spent a whole day in a Mexican hospital and lived to tell the tale!

I came down with a huge stomach infection from a parasite on Sunday and after not being able to stop from throwing up (seriously I threw up more times that one day than I have my entire life) the mission doctor told me I needed to go to the hospital. And let me tell you, it was the scariest experince of my entire life. I couldnt understand what they were saying and they kept poking me with needles and sticking IVs in me and I reacted badly to one of the medications and then I developed a fever and I was just praying that God would let me die haha it was misraeble.
And way annoying because I have never been a sick person. Ever. Until I decide to go on a mission where my body then decides to stop functioning. Its frustrating.
I feel better now and the medication through the IV actually really helped but Im on 5 different medications now and I dont know what they are for or why but I keep taking them. Its interesting.

But that was hard. And its hard because honestly with everything that has happened these past 3 weeks, I cant say that my mission is worth it. I know that the first few months are the hardest but if I could come home right this second nothing would stop me from doing so. I want to come home. I dont want to be sick anymore. Gahhhhh this is hard. I swear, missionaries NEVER talk about how hard this is. 

Anyways dont worry about me, Im hanging in there and IT IS GOING TO GET BETTER. I know that. Love you all. Enjoy civilized life for me!

Hermana Wells

Love the market with random pig heads hanging up!


Some really nice ward member came over with flowers for me before going to the hospital

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