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Ok you heard it correctly, this is my LAST LETTER FROM THE MTC EVER.

I can hardly believe it. Where did the time go?!

Ok I have no time to write because I have to pack up my entire life into 2 suitcases and my room is a mess and I have to write a talk for tomorrow and there are A BILLION other things I have to do before class today, soooooo this letter is going to be way cray cray. But you have been warned so its not my fault. 

Let me begin by telling you the low down of this week.

It was amazing and crazy.

Easter was one of the best days BY FAR that I have experienced in the MTC. Pres. Uchtdorf (my personal favorite) came and spoke to us and we all held a huge sacrament meeting. There were 4 sacrament tables and about 50 elders passing the sacrament. It was the coolest thing. And of course Uchtdorf was as charming as ever and gave one of the best talks about the atonement and becoming disciples of Christ. Fact: Uchtdorf knows whats up. Oh and the coolest part? Ramirez and I were walking out of the cafeteria and he was walking in at the same time and so we ran into him completely by accident and he stopped and talked to us in Spanish! Yes the German man, Uchtdorf, held a conversation with me in Spanish. So freaking cool. It was awesome. 

The rest of Easter Sunday was just as amazing. Mom and family- thanks for the bunny ears and all the candy! Hermana Ramirez's family sent her a bunch of plastic easter eggs and with all the candy I got from relatives, we filled those easter eggs to the brim and had one of the biggest and hardest easter egg hunts in the history of easter egg hunts. I carried on the tradition of the "big egg" and so we wrote everyones name on one easter egg and we hid those the hardest. Seriously the girls in my district loved it and don't even get me started on the elders. They were BEAMING from ear to ear and were running around the entire campus like a bunch of obnoxious 12 year olds. It was the greatest and funniest thing I have ever seen. And Ramirez and I hid those eggs way hard! We have a stream running through our campus and we were hiding the eggs in between the rocks and even threw some of the Elders personalized eggs into the stream. Haha, I know, mean hu, but whatever. The elders loved it. And yes, I wore those tacky bunny ears the ENTIRE Easter egg hunt.


The rest of the week went by without anything too exciting going on. I felt more stressed this week because ummm my Spanish still sucks and I CANNOT conjugate verbs to save my life. In fact everyone in my district was feeling more stressed this week and lets not even get started on how much stress I feel in this very moment, serious this amount of stress I feel right now is way abnormal for me haha. 

We said goodbye to all of our teachers which seriously killed me. All of our teachers have become our best friends and they were there every step of the way with us. We had an awesome district and we were always laughing and 2 of our teachers said that we have been their favorite districts by far and they were sad to see us go. Gah. It was sad. Its amazing how close you get to people in 6 weeks. 

We have also been brain fried because of all of the last minute studying and learning going on and so we have created some interesting games to pass the time. One is called the marker game. The elders came up with this. You stand in a corner and chuck a marker at the white board to try to land it on the white board's shelf. Yeah you heard me right. Thats the game. Sounds stupid I know but it is oddly so entertaining and addicting. We probably played that for a good half an hour last night. I've become a champ at it no big deal. Once I got my form down, that marker landed on that shelf every time! Gotta have some kind of talent to share with others right?!

Ok well thats about it. My heart is breaking right now I don't want to leave this place. I know that sounds completely crazy but it is true. As I was sitting in the temple with my district today it hit me how hard it is going to be to leave all of them. I am so thankful I got to spend 6 weeks here at the MTC. The amount of learning and spiritual growth I have inquired here is incredible and I can't even imagine how much it will be out in the field. I cannot believe that I will be in MEXICO in 2 days but I seriously cannot wait. Pray for a good trainer for me! I'll be stuck to her like glue for a whopping 12 weeks! haha. 

Oh and I hear it might snow in Utah on Monday? Thank the freaking Heavens I am peacing out of this place! I'm ready for some Mexican sun! 

Line of the week:

-My companion (talking to our gangster teacher Lebron): Me gusta su cuerpo!
Lebron: ............. walks away and leaves the room.
HAHAHAHAHA. She meant to say Me gusta su corbata (which means I like your tie). What she actually said to him is "I like your  body." Dying. It was so funny. 

Spanish is a struggle for all of us. Lost in translation. 

- Ok so my branch presidents wife is AMAZING but kinda crazy. The other night she made us do this way creepy activity. She talked about how we each have this inner child inside each of us that has been hindered at some time in our life because of something traumatic happening or something like that. She then made us talk to our inner child. Apparently she does this activity every day with herself. Wanna know how you do it? Ok. You grab a pen and a piece of paper. Your right hand is the real you, and the left hand is your inner child. She made us ask ourselves questions with the right hand and then answer those questions with our "inner child" left hand....... yeah I'm totally being serious right now. So here I was writing with my right and left hand apparently talking to my "inner child"...???? Ok. Creepy. And ummm my inner child must be dead because I don't think I ever got an answer from my inner child...... there is only 1 person in my head!!! hahahaha crazy.

Ok this is legitimately the end of my email now. The next time you hear from me I'll be in Mexico hopefully in one piece!


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